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Delicious, tasty and practical – PIK sliced products!
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Ready, steady, PIK!

A rich assortment of irresistible sliced products, each with its own specific aroma, will astonish even the most demanding meat delicacy lovers. Top PIK sliced products have innovative design, but are at the same time practical, thus the best solution for unexpected quests, for when you are not in the mood for a long preparation of a meal, or when you wish to have a quick and delicious midnight snack. Due to the cutting-edge technology, PIK sliced products guarantee freshness, and the smell, taste and color identical to the same products sliced in shops at delicacy departments, but will also give you more time!

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PIK Sliced products

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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